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    Tractors and Machinery
    Postbus 49
    5110 AA Baarle-Nassau
    The Netherlands

    Int. Tel.: 0032-(0)14-650410 Europe
    Int. Fax: 0032-(0)14-650409 Europe

    Int. Tel.: 011-32-14650410 from North America
    Int. Fax: 011-32-14650409 from North America

    E-mail: office@tractors-and-machinery.com

    Proces Manager: Jeroen Bastiaansen
    General Manager:  Hans Bastiaansen

    Our business hours are… Monday – Friday,
    09.00 AM to 06.00 PM, European time !

    08.00 AM North-America ( east ) = Europe 02.00 PM
    08.00 AM North-America ( west ) = Europe 05.00 PM

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