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    LMB Prins B.V.

    Our company is specialized in the agricultural mechanization, lawn and garden equipment and small construction. L.M.B. Prins B.V. exists under this name since 1 January 2002.

    Previously it was named L.M.B. Prins. On the 1st January 1998 Mr. Gerard Bijvang took over the company L.M.B. Prins from Mr. Prins, so that's the reason why the company still carries this name today.

    Since 1999 L.M.B. Prins B.V. has split into two independant companies: LMB Prins B.V. and G. J. Technique. This latter company is engaged in the technical services, as well as in the sales and maintenance of industrial pumps and generators. Both companies are working closely together.

    L.M.B. Prins B.V. currently consists of three divisions: agricultural mechanization, lawn and garden equipment and small construction. Also, our company is VCA certified and we are also a COM SCC inspection company.

    Our company has 20 customer friendly and enthusiastic employees at work, with the aim, to help all customers continual forward via the best possible way.

    Please stop by and walk in... the coffee is ready and we are happy to help you forward.

    Also, check our website for more information and pictures !

    Our brands
    Lawn & Garden

    For lawn and garden equipment, L.M.B. Prins B.V. is the right place to be.

    We can help you concerning sales, maintenance and repairs of various lawn and garden machinery, for both professionals and individuals.

    We have a complete line on high-pressure cleaning equipment and we are also supplier of safety clothing, safety shoes and climbing tools.


    L.M.B. Prins B.V. has its own design and small construction department.

    We are working for contractors, government departments, machine builders and the agricultural sector, but also for several individuals.

    Some examples of activities are:

    • Manufacture of trash rack cleaners.
    • Manufacture and repairing livestock fences.
    • Manufacture of pump and pipe installations of 10 to 1000 mm.
    • Manufacture of small frames, corner supports and small constructions.

    Including several different jobs for the private sector.

    You can also contact us for galvanizing and powder coating of various constructions.
    We have a large stock of steel continuously in stock.

    Recently we have installed a heavy duty cutting-shear for cutting metal up to 3 feet width and 8 mm thick. Also we have recently installed a heavy duty angle bender, putting metal up to 10 mm thick.

    Contact us

    LMB Prins B.V.
    Hessenweg 59
    7722 PJ Dalfsen
    the Netherlands