• Dealer Support

    Do you recognize also the same problem ??

    You need some information right away, but you don't know where to start,
    you don't know where to search, worser… you even don't speak the language.. !!

    Don't worry, be happy… "Dealer Support" will bring you finally the solution,
    because with this special service you can save a lot of phone-costs, delays,
    irritations and stress !!

    Suppose, you have found an interesting used machine in Europe or North-America but
    you don't have any business-experience with the country where this machine is located,
    than you can count on the service of "Dealer Support" for all kind of questions regarding:

    - Information concerning import-restrictions in North America
    - Information concerning international freight insurances
    - Information concerning import- and export-formalities
    - Information concerning all kind of export-documents
    - Information concerning international payment traffic
    - Information concerning air freight possibilities
    - Information concerning shipping possibilities
    - Information concerning emission-standards
    - Information concerning trucking transport
    - Information concerning VAT-cases

    Can’t you find what you need… ??

    Our department "Dealer Support" has worldwide a lot of reliable business-relations
    and is connected with many international trade-sources, so please don't hesitate to
    pick up your phone and to give us a call !!

    But that’s not all, we are even going further... !!

    If you need some help between you and your business partner, because of language problems,
    unforseeing commercial obstacles or mutual mistrust, which obstruct a successful " Done deal ",
    please call us right away for our assistance, because "Dealer Support" knows how to handle this !!

                               Take it easy… and talk to people with experience !!